Experience memories Through Music

Value, quality and production are key when it comes to choosing iShine Music Production for your event. We operate at a custom package per experience model. Within our structure, you will experience various benefits as our client

I. Multiple Consultations & Start/Stop Option

Our goal at iShine Music Production is to ensure that you are fully taken care of as our client. We don't have a set number of consultations. We are ready to adapt and meet your needs as well as expectations for your event. Within our consultations, you will receive a song request sheet, a customized event timeline, and you will get to see our playlist and planner so that way you are fully aware of how we plan on operating at your event. For up to 10 hours, you can choose how long you'd want your event to go.

II. Professional Sound System & Lighting

We pride ourselves in ensuring that we deliver, set up and operate ready-to-go/quality equipment. In our set-up, you will always get 2 powered amplified speakers, a heavy and strong subwoofer, along with 2 wireless microphones (with 2 wired microphones as back-up reinforcement). When it comes to our lighting, the dance lights are clipped to the speaker stands to create a fun aesthetic feel to your dance floor. We ensure that our set up is safe and clean; meaning no wires/cables will be visible because they will be covered and clothed. 

III. Live Event Production, Emcee Hosting, & Mixing

iShine Music Production's DJs are very professional and aren't "push-play" DJs. We have experience in blending, scratching and syncing music together. We are also professional event hosts too, and have experience in operating and producing live sound and audio for ceremonies. We aren't afraid to lead, entertain and run your event! We want you to sit back, relax and have fun.

IV. Adaptable Musical Styles

Music is a blessing from the heavens; why only like ONE genre? At iShine Music Production, we are trained entertainers and have experience mixing music from genres, such as Hip-Hop/R&B, Pop/Rock, and Novelties. We are very eager to learn, experiment and work with other genres too. All of our music is obtained legally too and we make it our responsibility to retrieve your music.

V. 100% Quality Customer Service

Your event matters to us and our goal is to give you the best customer service possible. From the first consultation all the way down to the day of the event, we will work to be adaptable, empathetic and cater to your needs and desires as much as possible. All of our experiences below are either upfront or half now/half later, which will give you payment flexibility while you finish planning your event. You chose us to handle your event and because of that, we appreciate you investing your trust in us.

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Ask About Karaoke

We also offer Karaoke too. Within your KJ package, you will receive the following:

  • Professional Sound System and a 20” Monitor

  • 2 Wireless Handheld Microphones with Mic Stand

  • Song List of Karaoke Songs That You Can Choose to Put Together to Sing

  • Karaoke Jockey Host

We also Travel!

If you’re not within 30 miles of Columbus, Ohio, we can come out to your location nationally as well as internationally. Please note that there will be a travel fee due to fuel, airfare, lodging, on-site equipment rental and/or aviation. Feel free to send any inquiries.