DJ Prices & Packages for 2019 - 2020

We are now underway for booking for the rest of 2019 and starting up 2020! We are always down to create memorable experience with the music and songs you love!

All of our DJ packages & prices are created as the best pro sound set-ups to fit your event needs. Wireless mics, colorful and professional lighting, hosting, song selection, proper planning and consultations included too. For weddings, please note that “R” stands for “Reception” and “C” stands for “Ceremony”. Ceremony pricing comes into play if your wedding is in two different areas of the venue (i.e. outdoor terrace) or location (i.e. public park). “Micro Sound System” is reception only. If the venue already provides a sound system, brides will then be quoted at “All Others” pricing, which is $100/hr.

Ceremony (C) and Reception (R) pacakges are not going to be added up, so for example, if you see a DJ Package like $500 (R)/$600 (C), you would pay ONLY $500 for Reception if you are having a reception only OR $600 if your Reception INCLUDES a Ceremony in a different location that would required DJ coverage. You would NOT PAY $1100 for the whole day if you have a Ceremony & Reception

For “All Others”, that falls under the category of corporate, community, & special events. Karaoke & small rentals fall under this pricing too. At $100/hr, clients will be automatically equipped with the “Traditional Black” set up.

For “All Others”, If client wants to use the “Sophisticated Noire” set up, it would then be $125/hr

For “All Others”, If client wants to use the “Elegant White” set up, it would then be $200/hr

For “All Others”, If client wants to use the “Sound System" Only” set up, it would then be $75/hr

Privately elected discounts and specials are available Sunday through Thursday. For events that fall on Friday nights & Saturdays, these prices are 100% in effect.

Please click on the photos to see our packages and select your favorite set-up! :-)

Email at or call 614.490.2110 for more details!

Christopher Summers